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At Prescott College, We Take it Outside

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At Prescott College, We
Take it Outside

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At Prescott College, We
Take it Outside

Social Justice Studies

At Prescott College, we believe that a classroom is more than just four walls. Our classrooms are places, like mountains, forests, cities, and farms. With a mission to create a healthy, just, and sustainable world, we solve problems by getting into the field and taking action. Our students are educators, activists, counselors, researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We are inspired by all those we meet, while making a difference in our local and global communities. We don't only learn within the classroom. At Prescott College, we take it outside.

Social Justice Studies is an action oriented education, serving students who are drawn to understanding the big questions of our time and how everyday people can generate power for change. Social Justice Studies welcomes people who want to develop their skills, experience, and knowledge to directly participate in building a more socially and environmentally just and life-affirming world.

Our curriculum leads you to do these things:

  • Move beyond hunches and opinions and learn to analyze by studying social systems and developing your social, environmental, and political consciousness and cultural competence;
  • Recognize, learn from, and participate in the movements that are reframing and re-describing what is possible, their projects and visions; 
  • Develop the skills and abilities to identify your own sense of purpose and mobilize your talents to contribute to movements for justice

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn to Analyze social problems
  • Learn to Identify what makes movements for justice succeed
  • Develop the ability to recognize your skills and passions
  • Gain skills, knowledge, and experience to contribute to work that you believe in

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