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M.S. in Resilient & Sustainable Communities

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M.S. in Resilient & Sustainable Communities

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M.S. in Resilient &
Sustainable Communities


Earn Your Master's Degree in Resilient & Sustainable Communities

From urban areas to small towns, citizens are rethinking traditional approaches to providing food, energy, transportation, and effective governance in response to the climate crisis, and rapid environmental and economic changes. The M.S. in Resilient and Sustainable Communities (MRSC) uses a bioregional approach to distance learning, in which students apply what they learn in each course to their local communities.

  • Exceptional faculty
  • Asynchronous coursework
  • Bioregional approach
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Resilient & Sustainable Communities

You’ll research examples of land-use planning, economic development, energy production, food systems, and social justice while developing skills in leadership, group organization, and conflict resolution. As we adapt to conditions brought about by a changing climate, you’ll learn the skills to develop, advocate, and implement fundamental changes in how communities function.

Why Prescott College?

Distinct degree programs designed to meet your unique needs with flexible online and applied learning.

  • Highly connected, small class sizes
  • Experiential learning approach
  • Leverage coursework in your own community
  • Focus on Social and Environmental Justice

Career Pathways

Progressive curriculum designed to produce highly qualified leaders in community resilience.

  • Community Development Director
  • Resilience Analyst
  • Regional Planner
  • Sustainability Director


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At the heart of the M.S. in Resilient and Sustainable Communities program is the understanding that sustainability depends on creating resilient communities which can adapt to changing conditions in ways that allow them to evolve without losing their fundamental identities. If this interests you, let’s talk.

Whether you’re just beginning to consider graduate programs or are curious about specific details, I look forward to connecting with you. Schedule a call today!

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