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Prescott College invites nominations and applicants for the position of President.

Spelman Johnson has been selected to assist the committee in selecting the next President of Prescott College. The firm’s President, Ellen Heffernan, and Search Consultant Anne-Marie Kenney, will be leading the firm’s efforts for Prescott College. Learn more about Spelman Johnson.

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Presidential Search Committee

Lynne Nemeth, Trustee

Committee Members
Geoff Barnard, Trustee
Paul Burkhardt, Executive Vice President and Provost, Prescott College
Merrilee Caldwell, Trustee, Alumni
Coral Evans, Trustee, Alumni
Anita Fernandez, Chief Diversity Officer, Prescott College; Director, Xicanx Institute for Teaching & Organizing (XITO)
Jesse Hernreich, Trustee, Alumni
Doug Hulmes, Faculty Emeritus, Trustee
Althea Dale McCullough, Student Trustee, Distance Programs
Lorayne Meltzer, Executive Director, Kino Bay Center for Cultural and Ecological Studies; Faculty, Environmental Studies
Kristine Preziosi, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Title IX Coordinator| Risk Manager, Alumni
Centae Richards, Assistant Dean, Education; Director of Professional Preparation Programs
Katrina Rogers, Trustee, Chair of the Board of Trustees
Mark Thorkelson, Trustee, Alumni
Michael Zimber, Trustee, Alumni