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MBA in Sustainability Leadership

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MBA in Sustainability Leadership


Earn Your MBA in Sustainability Leadership

Earn an MBA in Sustainability Leadership and build successful strategies for sustainability within your organization through social and environmental performance as a change agent. This MBA is designed to deepen your understanding of foundational management techniques that are critical for leaders in business, nonprofits, and governmental organizations.

  • Affordable
  • Exceptional faculty
  • Asynchronous coursework
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Sustainability Leadership

Make connections between your own organizations’ economic objectives while addressing the needs of the environment, employees, communities, and other stakeholders. Prescott College has built a national reputation for teaching sustainability in higher education and sustainability is integrated at the deepest level In every course with a triple bottom line-based curriculum.

Why Prescott College?

Distinct degree programs designed to meet your unique needs with flexible online and applied learning.

  • Highly connected, small class sizes
  • Experiential learning approach
  • Leverage coursework in your own community
  • Focus on sustainable business practices

Career Pathways

Rigorous and relevant business degree that prepares you for impactful leadership.

  • Sustainability Director
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Officer
  • Sustainable Design Consultant
  • Entrepreneur


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Prescott College is filled with entrepreneurs, activists, dreamers—and doers. Our programs are designed for lifelong learners who thrive on authentic experiences and work to change the direction of the world through business. If that sounds like you, let’s talk! We can discuss our MBA in Sustainability Leadership, and you can tell me about your interests.

Whether you’re just beginning to consider graduate programs or are curious about specific details, I look forward to connecting with you. Schedule a call today!

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