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Master of Arts in Education (M.A.)

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Master of Arts in Education (M.A.)


Earn Your Master of Arts in Education (M.A.)

The Master of Arts in Education is a non-certification program that prepares students for careers in the broader education industry. Students focus on areas such as educational policy, curricular and instructional design, social justice in education, and culturally responsible pedagogy. The program's flexibility allows students to organize their own course of study and training.

  • Asynchronous online coursework
  • Dedicated, highly qualified faculty who also serve as mentors

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Online Format

Multiple Start Dates


No Application Fee

Masters of Education (M.A.)

The program takes a place-based bioregional approach so that students can build diverse skills they can transfer to their careers throughout the educational industry. With a core value of social justice and equity, the program prepares students to lead in a changing world.

Career Pathways

Innovative professional preparation programs designed to prepare you for a career in Education.

  • Education Program Manager
  • Curriculum Specialist
  • Training and Development Specialist
  • Higher Education Administrator


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Our Master of Education (M.A.) is a non-certification degree that allows you to earn your Masters through a flexible schedule that best fits your busy life. If you tell me a bit more about your interests, I can point you to information more specific to you.

Whether you’re just beginning to consider graduate programs or are curious about specific details, I look forward to connecting with you. Schedule a call today!

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