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M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies

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M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies


Design Your Own Master's Degree Within Interdisciplinary Studies

If you have a passion for multiple disciplines and wish to intersect them as you earn a degree, we have the perfect option for you. The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program allows you to explore topics of personal interest in multidisciplinary ways that grow knowledge, skills, abilities, values, and ways of being.

  • Hands-on faculty
  • Self-designed mentored study with leading experts
  • Choose the emphasis area that will appear on your diploma

100% Online

Multiple Start Dates


No Application Fee

Interdisciplinary Studies

We value your story and give you a platform to realize your unique goals and objectives. Our M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies provides the opportunity to design your own degree with graduate courses offered in other programs at Prescott College. Create individualized courses and have the flexibility to designate a specialization—or choose a single, broad interest that guides your study.

Why Prescott College?

Distinct degree programs designed to meet your unique needs with flexible online and applied learning.

  • Highly connected, small class sizes
  • Experiential learning approach
  • Leverage coursework in your own community
  • Asynchronous coursework

Career Pathways

Here are examples of career paths that some of our student and alumni have pursued.

  • Life Coach
  • Healing Arts Practitioner
  • Outdoor Program Facilitator
  • Community College Instructor


Schedule a Talk Now

Prescott College is a place for problem-solvers, and original thinkers. In Prescott’s M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies program, you can anchor yourself to an academic area or two already defined at Prescott ... or devise a highly specific, individualized focus. Since this program accommodates myriad interests, I’d love to hear about yours.

Whether you’re just beginning to consider graduate programs or are curious about specific details, I look forward to connecting with you. Schedule a call today!

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